Founded in 1982 by Timothy McDonough, Silvercreek Development Company builds luxury swimming pools, spas and water features for our clients in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Led by Silvercreek President, Ian McDonough, the management team a combined 70 years of experience and leadership in the swimming pool industry.


Building quality pools, spas & water features since 1982. 

I joined Silvercreek back in the 1990s, working my way from the field to eventually joining the leadership team in the office. By making sure the entire team has direct field experience, we ensure our designs can be translated into a terrific experience for our clients. Whether this is planning for the exact placement of a spa jet or ensuring an equipment room can be safely serviced, our plans are based on decades of hands on experience.

The construction industry can often be a place of change orders with difficult to compare features. At Silvercreek, we strive to be transparent on our pricing and price the project according to the quality our clients deserve.

We look forward to working with you.

Ian McDonough

President. 25 years with Silvercreek Development Company. Proud father of two great boys. Diehard Chelsea FC fan. 

Timothy McDonough

Founder. Tim founded Silvercreek in 1982 to focus on building quality pools and spas across the Bay Area. Former President of Lifetime Pools. Veteran.